Mt. Airy Arts Alliance

 The Mount Airy Arts Alliance is a grassroots organization
working to bring the Arts into the hearts of the people of
Mt. Airy and beyond.

The purpose of the Mount Airy Arts Alliance is to provide opportunities to the artistic community in and surrounding the Town of Mount Airy to exhibit, perform, and view art as well as expand the knowledge of art among the citizens of Mount Airy and encourage the exchange of ideas among artists.

The Mount Airy Art Alliance mailing address is: Mount Airy Arts Alliance, P.O. Box 521, Mount Airy, MD 21771.



Dear Friends of the Art Alliance,

We owe you an update, and we apologize for not posting this sooner. Many of you may have tried to stop by our gallery space on Main Street over the past year, only to discover we are no longer there. Sadly, we lost the space due to an unanticipated increase in rent. At that same time, we had an internal shift, as we lost our President and several board members simultaneously.

However, three remaining members have stuck together and have great plans for the Arts Alliance. Even though we do not have a tangible space, we can still have great impact on – and support for – our arts community: the painters, sculptors, photographers, musicians, performers, artisans, local arts businesses and entrepreneurs. We hope to become exactly what our name implies: an ALLIANCE of all art lovers in and around our town, Mount Airy. We are art advocates, art investors, and art enthusiasts; our goal is to help the arts flourish in our vibrant community.

– The Mount Airy Arts Alliance